Create A Spell





1 Rainbow Candle

Fast Luck Double Action Oil

1 Electrical Lighter or Some Wooden Matches



Have you ever wanted to create a spell? You can with this spell. Easy instructions on making a spell.


Spell Casting:


Believe in what you're doing. Make up a spell or chant, it doesn't have to rhyme. And you're done.

Write the spell name on the paper, and then write down the spell's incantation and ingredients. Then dress the rainbow candle with the rainbow candle with the Fast Luck Double Action Oil, just light it with either an electrical lighter or some wooden matches and say the incantation more than thrice:

"Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth,

I call on you, to make this spell magic.

So mote it be!"

After saying those words, try casting your spell. It should work. It also works when trying to cast other spells to build up your magical power before casting a spell.