You will need the following items for this spell: 

  • visionary board 
  • Photo's of your wish(you could even draw them or write the wish in the paper) 
  • Concentration/focus 
  • Beleive 
  • Visualisation


First of all you need a visionary board, if you dont have one then make one with a thermocol and a black could make it with any paper. I said black because it looks more attractive. Now stick the pictures of your wish on the board. If you dont have the picture then you can write your wish on the paice of paper and stick it on the board. Then look at each wish carefully and visualise that you have acheived that wish For example, If you want to buy a house. You look at the picture of the house and visualise that you have acheive or got the house!) do this everyday till your wish comes true.