The "Invitation Spell To Be Invited" Spell is the only popularity spell that can make people want to invite to any other social event you would like to attend.

You must perform it only on Friday during either the Waxing Moon or the Full Moon because you might need to use it in order gain the best qualities, such as humor, energy, popularity, wealth, and and/or beauty.

Items Needed:

Your favorite deity (Picture or Statue)

1 Colorful Gender Pillar Candle (Either Yellow Male-shaped/Cat-shaped For Boys or Pink Female-Shaped/Cat-shaped For Girls)

1 Green Pillar Candle

Fast Action Money Oil

Your Astrological Essential Oil

2 Fast Action Money Incense Sticks

A Picture and advertisement Flyer of the Event you'd wish to invite

1 Lighter or Wooden Matches

Waxing Moon or Full Moon


1.) On the early Friday evening of either the Waxing Moon or the Full Moon, you have got to purify yourself before casting a circle by using the Seal of Solomon symbol on the floor.

2.) Call on your favorite deity, the one who emulates the traits you admire most about yourself. Please don't forget to use the internet and a book with a list that has a name of a god or a goddess if one of them doesn't come to mind.

3.) Anoint the colorful pillar candle of your gender with your astrological essential oil and place it in the Southern part of the circle to represent both the life-force and fun.

4.) Place anything that is the representative of the event around the gender candle, including the picture and the advertisement of the event you desired to attend.

5.) Dress the green pillar candle with the Fast Action Money Oil, then place it in front of the gender candle by lighting them together with the two burning Fast Money incense sticks and say the incantation thrice or ten times in a row:

"Invitation and tickets to the (The Name of the Event), please come to me.

Make it quickly and swiftly on the fast wings of merriment and revelry.

I will have all the fun, wealth, and joy.

By the magic of these two candles, I do employ.

By the mighty power of three times three,

As I do will it, so mote it be!"

6.) Repeat the same incantation thrice for the next three days until it is done by the time your invitation and your tickets arrive at your home or your working place.