A Lost Lover's Rage SpellAconiteAdder's Tongue
AgrimonyAlderAll About Spells
Become a witch.Become good at Singing (potion)Become the ''Dream You''
Change something about you.Change something about you spellConnection Spell
Dinosaur SpellEternal Beauty Spell Number OneEternal Beauty Spell Number Two
FLYING SPELLFeeling SpellFullfill your wish Spell
Go Back In TimeGrow wings in 2-4 daysHearts and Flowers Spell
Honey Jar (Love)Hospitality SpellHow To Become Seductive - The Candle Magic Love Spell
How to see aurasInvitation Spell To Be InvitedLost and Found Spell
Love Potion Number NineLove SpellLuck Spell
Mind Reading SpellMultiplying SpellPet Rock
Protection SpellRain SpellReversal Spell
SOUL-TRANSFERENCEScrying SpellSelf Healing Spell
Soul TransferenceSpell Book WikiTelekinesis Potion
The Alien Abduction SpellThe Angelic Voice spellThe Beauty Potion To Create Hair Growth
The Beauty Spell To Magically Turned You Into A Chinese PersonThe Change Your Race Beauty Spell (Tested)The Corpse Bride Love Spell
The Female Beauty Spell of the Comb and the MirrorThe Full Moon Candle Magic Spell To Bring Back A Lost LoveThe Justice Spell To Punish A Lover For Leaving You
The Lost Love Reunion SpellThe Love Spell To Find A Lost LoveThe Love Spell To Get A Secret Lover By Midnight
The Purification Spell To Redeem Yourself Or Another From Evil To GoodThe Redemption Spell To Banish JealousyThe Ritual of the Rich Spell
The Shoe-Box Telephone Communication SpellThe Witch University's Beauty PotionTo Bring Out One's Powers
To Only Hear the TruthTo Open Another's MindTo Send Something Away
To Stop SlanderTo Stop the RainTo Throw Lightning
To Turn Someone Into Another Kind of BeingTransport to a different WorldTruth Spell
Vanishing SpellWiccan Herbs and Spices
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File:Agrimony-1.jpgFile:Alder Tree Leaves.pngFile:Example.jpg
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