The Alien Abduction SpellEdit




1 Colorful Ink Pen
A Room (Private)
Your Voice

A Picture of Any type of a space alien humanoid

1 Colorful Candle

Fast Action Oil

Lighter or Wooden Matches




The Alien Abduction Spell is the only spell that will make you have an alien abduction experience.


Spell Casting:


This spell will make you have an alien abduction.

First of all let me tell you, you may only ask the same question: What's an alien abduction?


An abduction by these Aliens is an event in which you don't have the 'will' that you will live this abduction. But now remember, you will wake up and feel less tired.

To recognize that you've been totally abducted you may get these symptoms :

*Missing Time:

Missing Time, is that you lost about from 2/10 minutes until 1/2 hours of life time. This because when an advanced alien comes to abduct you, they stop your life time.

*Yellow Glue:

The Yellow Glue is another symptom, and the alien will regenerate your body and totally clean up your body and with this yellow glue will cover up all your body. The morning after you may see it.

*Unknown Cuts:

Unknown Cuts is the symptoms after the yellow glue, because this glue on a human can may affect some body changes like the unknown cuts outside or inside your body, and from you're awake, you'll be shocked up. There are other types of the Unknown Cuts that the alien could do by themselves and not just from the glue affects.


Sightings of the U.F.O. or the flying lights upon the sky, is another symptom. Or even feeling watched and have a bit of fear being home alone.

*Alien Telepathy:
The Alien Telepathy is not like the meaning of this word. But seeing messages that only you can see from them. Like seeing the alien face on a reflected shadow in a water bottle. Or a cloud U.F.O. upon the blue sky. You get it?

*Dreaming About Aliens:

Okay, this is the first thing you need to think about. When you dream about that an alien abducted you. That's it! You've been already abducted and you will just remember the Screen Shoots of those moments. And to know what really happened, you will need a doctor that will do a controlled hypnosis. To let you live what you already lived. But if you just dream aliens,
of course it's just a dream, but absolutely a sign. Now let me say that aliens when abduct you, they put that inside you. To let you think it was a dream. So take advice for every think you dream about aliens and weird stuff.

Okay, there are a lot of symptoms about alien abductions that I could write a whole book. But these are the most frequently. Now let me tell you something about to know that abduction is real stuff or just imagination. When you will have the abduction, you may see yourself in the bed or in the room where the aliens do the operations and also you can feel your five senses different.


Dress the candle of any size and color with the Fast Action Oil, then light it and place it next to the picture of any type of an intergalactic humanoid alien species that you wish to summon as you repeat the same chant twice.


The warnings of this alien abduction, once you opened the door to the near home green friends, they may feel comfortable. And also this can change your life. Some alien can may sexually abduct you and trust me it's not a good feeling. Some people call these entities as angels and demons.


My personal opinion is that the universe is infinite, and just like on earth. There are good people, and bad people.

There are countries like North America and Europe very rich and technologically advanced and other countries like Africa more poor and missing healing. So that's what I think. I know for personal experience, that on Planet Earth there are 13/15 races of aliens. But around the infinite,
they born and dye each second. The human being is not the human being. I mean reptilians are the real humans of Earth. And we are just aliens. I know it's strange but it's a long story.

Now let me tell you this not really spell but like a practice to let you have this alien abduction.

So all you need is to be in your room alone at late night time.

And say this incantation ten times in a row:

I want to have an alien abduction,
I want to have this dream experience
And meet aliens, this is my will
And I ask to mote it be.

So go on a side into your room and say it ten times, wait! It is not done! You have to do it other ten times in different places around your room. Wait, nine times like you will need to be creative.

Say it on your chair, in your bed, closet, et cetera, why nine times? Because of the tenth and last one, you'll need to do it like this:

Open your window or balcony if you have one, then watch the sky feel good and say these words, of course, by reading the paper :

I did this nine times and now ten!
I ask to the sky to have this experience tonight!
Wake me up, UFO.
Make me one of you.
I shall no longer a mortal be!

And now say the incantation of the spell ten times:

I want to have an alien abduction,
I want to have this dream experience
And meet the aliens, this is my will,
And I ask it to mote it be.

Okay! Do this every night for ten days in a row and more! No matter if you make chanting words mistake. Just continue that spell because it doesn't really matter is just your will that you're doing it. Good Luck and have a nice UFO travel!

If you want to know something about aliens, then just contact me. If I don't answer, then it's not the cause that I don't reply. I reply to everyone! It's because of the message limit or a profile gagged like it's not the first time. So if I don't answer in about a week, then start contacting me again. Email me here: