The Corpse Bride Love Spell




One normal sized white candle
One long and thin candle
Bottled red food-dye water or red wine
A wine glass
Two rings
A normal sized piece of paper
A red pen (or pencil)
Two names of the people you're casting the spell on




This mysterious love spell allows you to have the two people of your choosing to fall in love with each other. The chant is based off of the vows in Tim Murton's movie "The Corpse Bride".


Spell Casting:


Start by sitting crisscrossed in an open area. It's recommended you do it in a calm and quiet place, but if you are capable of really focusing hard and silencing all background noises, then that one really works, too. Place your small candle in front of you, half a foot away, and your long candle right below it, facing horizontally. On your right side should be your wine glass next to your bottled wine/red water. On your left side should be your two rings. (Make sure that you've really spaced out so that you don't feel crammed and have enough room to perfectly carry out the spell.)

Finally, your paper should be in the center; the rings on the paper's left, the wine glass on the right, and the candle in front, just like you. On top of the paper should be your red writing utensil. Also, make sure you have a flat surface to write on, to make the job more comfortable.

Now, light your small candle. Begin to relax in an almost meditating state. Take your writing utensil and write down the names of the two people you want to cast the spell on. The names should be the first name and the last name. The first name can be some sort of a name they go by that isn't their normal names, as long as you know the person and what they look like. You can also write down your own name if you wish to chant this spell on yourself and another person. After you've finished writing the names, set your paper down to its original place (if you picked it up) and place your pen back onto the paper.

Next, place your hand on your heart and close your eyes. Say the incantation:

"With (one person's full name) and (other person's full name)'s hands,
They will lift each other's sorrows."
With the same hand, grab the wine glass. In the other hand, you should hold the liquid and say the incantation:

"Their cups will never empty, for they will be each other's wine."

Pour the liquid into the cup take a sip. Set both items down in the original spot and grab the long candle. Say the incantation:

"With this candle, they will light each other's way in the darkness."

Take the candle and put the wick in the small candle's flame, lighting it on fire. Pick up the two rings with your other hand and say the incantation:

"With these rings, they will love each other for eternity; even after death."

Set the rings down onto the piece of paper and move the writing utensil out of the way. With your tall candle, light end edge of the piece of paper on fire and wait until the flames reach the rings. Once they do, pick up the paper and put it out in the wine glass. This might take a bit, depending on how big your piece of paper is.

Once finished, set the paper back down in its original place. Whatever you do with the rings doesn't matter, as long as you don't get up and stay focused. Finish the ritual by blowing out both candles and saying,

"So mote it be."

Now that the spell is over, you can do as you wish with the remaining materials.


Website: [[1]]   


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