The Love Spell To Find A Lost LoveEdit


5 White Candles
Sea Salt
An Item/A Picture of your lost love

Fast Action Love Oil

2 Full Moon Incense Sticks

2 Fast Action Love Incense Sticks


Have you lost a special someone you truly loved the best? Do you know realize what you have let go? This is the love spell you need to help you search and reclaim your lost love.

Spell Casting:Edit

Mark out a pentagram on the floor with the sea salt.
Place the five candles on the 5 points and dress each and every one of them with the Fast Action Love Oil.
Light them one by one with the two Full Moon incense sticks and the two Fast Action Love incense sticks.
Stand in the middle of the pentagram.

Chant the following incantation more than thrice (that one meas three times in a row):

"Whither my love,
Wherever you be,
Through time and space
Take my Heart, Nearer to thee.
This is my will,
So Mote It Be!"

Whilst chanting the incantation, you may carefully spin around slowly holding the Item/Picture of your lost love out in front of you, for the first two-time chanting, keep your eyes forever fixed on the Item/Picture and on the third time visualize your lost love and you being re-united in each other's arms once again.


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