The Moon's Arrow Love Spell That May Sweeten Him Or Her To You


1 Pink candle

1 Moonstone

1 Red Apple


Pure Honey

White Sugar

A Piece of Paper

Aluminum Foil

1 Red Ink Pen, Permanent Coloring Marker or Coloring Pencil

Fast Action Love Oil


This love spell is a spell to attract your soulmate to you and it will make him or her think very sweetly of you.

Spell Casting:

Write your intended lover's name on a piece of paper. Next, place the Sugar, Honey, and Cinnamon in and around the red apple. Then place the paper in it. Recover the red apple and enclose in foil. Keep until it rots and then throw it out.

Chant as you swirl the Moonstone around the lit pink candle:

"I ask of thee, Goddess of the Moon

Bring to me the one my soul desires.

Let them be all that I wish.

I ask of thee, Goddess of the Moon,

Let their eyes be of (say the color desired)

And with hair the color of (say the color desired)

I ask of thee, Goddess of the Moon

Let them be (insert the foreign trait's desired)

I ask of thee, so mote it be."