The Purification Spell To Redeem Yourself Or Another From Evil To GoodEdit








A purification spell like this one can be used to redeem yourself or someone else by can changing you or them from being absolutely evil back to being pure good if you or they have done something that makes people hate you or them.


Spell Casting:


Say the incantation:


"Hear (my or our) pleads, bring a chance for (him, her, or me) to be redeemed.

(We or I) know of (his, her, or my) evil deeds,

Please help (me or us) to set (their or my) soul free from the chains of misdeeds throughout history.

Hear (my or our) solemn plea, spare (them or me) from sudden death, so mote it be!"


You have to connect with the person, but you can't force them they have to want this. Connect your aura to theirs and feel them wanting to change. Then get them or yourself to read this incantation thrice:

"(We or I) call to the past to meet the present
That the future maybe bright.
I bring (myself or you) forth from the dark
And hold (me or you), (Say the person's real full name), back to the light.
Let not (my or your) past control (my or your) present.
Let not (my or your) future become as dark as the night.
(We or I) meet and greet (me or you) with open arms
And move (you or me), (Repeat the person's real full name), back into the light!"


Website: [[1]]



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