The Ritual of the Rich Spell




A Green candle
A paper
A pen
A cloth




This money spell will enable the spell-caster to receive more wealth in afew several small amounts between a period of 2 to 5 days.


Spell Casting:


After doing the spell, write the whole spell in a piece of paper and burn it with the candle-flame.

Keep the ashes in a piece of cloth and wait.

Within the next five days, you shall achieve some very huge amount of wealth.

Say the incantation more than five times in a row:


"In the haven,

Of pure sublimity,

I recall,

Oh, The Lord...

Of Gold,

Of Glory!

Of The Rich

And the Radiant!

I call upon,

The worth of the worthy!

Oh, Plutus,

I chant your name!

In the melody

Of your might,

Oh, that you bestowed,

Oh, that shall never

Be forgotten!

I, oh lord,

Present an impulse,

On this glorious night,

Glamorized by your riches!

Oh lord, 

Offer me wealth,

So I can do good,

To those you call

Your bosom.

Oh Lord,

Just his little desire I plea.

Just grant me wealth,

So mote it be!"



Paint a white candle green if you don't own a green candle at all.

While doing the spell, visualize the direction of your energy to Plutus.

Keep the cloth in a safe place.

After everything is done, extinguish the candle.

Display emotion. Lots of it.


Best of Luck!