The Time Travel Spell To See Your Past


1 Candle (Any matching color with the same number of candles as same number of witches). 
2 Pieces of White Paper with the date, place and time you want to go in the past.

Fast Action Oil                                                      


This time-traveling spell is a rare spell and it is the only ultimate master key to help you go back on a trip to the past.

Spell Casting:

In the candle of any color that you have chosen, you put the first little piece of white paper with the date, place and time of the past event written on it. And anoint with the Fast Action Oil but while it's burning in the flame, you chant the sacred words as many times in a row as can do it: 

"I want to see the highest power 
Take me now in my past, 
Right now at this hour 
Bring me back at last!" 

Please make sure that you can take the candle and the Fast Action Oil with you. If you don't take them with you, then you may stay trapped in the past forever. You can make up your very own time-traveling spell for getting you back in the present time and the future time.

In order for you to be getting back to the present time that you came from, you must use the next time-traveling spell along with the same candle and the same oil to see the future. It is quite easy!

Use a second piece of white paper with the date, place and time of the future event written on it, then dress the candle with the oil, light it before burning it to ashes as you quickly chant so many multiple times in a row:

"Get this message now

As slowly and quickly as I bow,
Change the time
And on the other place
In the future, I'll be found!"