The Tropical Rainforest Potion


1 Small Piece of Rubber tree bark

1 Big Cup Rain-Water

Half a Banana

1 Miniature ice cream

1 Medium Piece of Bamboo shoot

1 Crinkley cone

1 Piece of Ceiba root


This enchanted potion can help you grow a beautiful tropical rainforest anywhere at home—either the living room indoors or the backyard garden outdoors.

Spell Casting:

Learn from Higgypop on how to brew a potion to grow a tropical rainforest in either your living room indoors or your backyard garden outdoors, using the following ingredients:

- Rubber tree bark

- Rain water

- Half a banana

- Miniature ice cream

- Bamboo shoot

- Crinkley cone

- Ceiba root

Then upon reaching inside of your cauldron, you'll find seeds have magically formed, take a handful and sprinkle them over your living room or your garden. Turn your central heating up full and water the carpet or plants regularly. About a month later, you should find a fully grown tropical rain forest condensed in to the living room or garden, complete with a waterfall behind the television or fence which feed a small stream that meanders past the coffee table, it's perfect for kayaking and swimming.